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A guardianship is needed for two different types of situations: when a minor's parents become unwilling or unable to watch over them, or when an adult becomes legally incompetent. When either one of these types of situations arise, a guardian is then appointed by the court to take care of the individual. The guardian becomes responsible for watching over the person, their estate, or both. If your loved one is in need of a guardian, if you have been appointed as a guardian, or if you wish to learn more about creating a guardianship for your child, do not hesitate to speak with an estate planning lawyer from PMTK immediately.

Guardianship for a Minor Child

A guardian steps in to take care of a minor and/or their estate when their parents are unwilling or unable to do so themselves. The guardian takes on the responsibilities of the parent. As the parent of a minor child, you can establish a guardianship within your will. This document allows you to appoint a trusted individual to step in if you become unable to take care of your child. By creating a guardianship, you can feel safe knowing that if something were to happen to you, the trusted individual of your choosing would step in. The court would then appoint the guardian incorporated within your will instead of someone of their choice.

Guardianship for a Legally Incompetent Adult

Legally incompetent adults are defined as those who cannot make appropriate decisions for themselves. Drug addicts, alcoholics, persons of unsound mind, or any incompetent individual may fall under this category. A guardian is then appointed by the court and becomes responsible for making important decisions for the incompetent adult and oftentimes for their estate. If a durable power of attorney is established by the individual before they become incompetent, however, the individual is able to incorporate their unique requests into the legal document and essentially stay in control of their fate.

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Guardianships are legal relationships that are created between a guardian and a person who is unable to make important decisions on their behalf. Whether the guardian is appointed to take care of the person (determine their living conditions, make sure they are cared for, etc.) and/or their estate (manage their finances, make necessary payments, etc.), it is important for a guardian to fully understand the responsibilities involved. Learn more about your options and discuss your case with an experienced Harrison County probate attorney from our firm. Do not hesitate to call PMTK and get started today!

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