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Probate is the court-process of distributing a person's estate after they pass away. In Mississippi, this can be a rather long, expensive, and overwhelming procedure. If you need assistance through probate or you are interested in avoiding it, a Gulfport probate lawyer can help. At PMTK, we have more than 130 years of combined experience that we can utilize for your case. When taking on the legal matters of our clients; they become part of the family at our Harrison County law firm. We are determined to guide you through the process and help you determine the best plan of action for your probate case relating to:

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the procedure of getting your affairs in order and preparing for the event of your death or incapacitation. This can make things easier for your loved ones as well as help to make sure that they continue to stay protected. By speaking with a Gulfport estate planning attorney, you can learn more about your options as well as how to avoid your estate from being distributed through probate.

Will & Trusts

These important legal documents are used to ensure the safekeeping of your assets. A will serves as a set of instructions that you leave behind: including how you want your estate distributed, who you want to oversee that the process runs smoothly, the name of a guardian for your minor child, and someone to take care of your child's property. A trust is used to protect your property and is an essential tool in avoiding probate.


Guardianship allows you to appoint a trusted individual to care for your child if you become unwilling or unable to. By establishing one ahead of time, you can feel at ease knowing your child will stay protected: even if you cannot be the one doing the protecting. If you do not create a guardianship with a Harrison County estate planning attorney, the court becomes in charge of appointing someone to care for your child.


When an individual becomes incapacitated or disabled, the court is responsible for selecting someone to take care of them; they are known as the conservator and the incapacitated individual is the conservatee. At PMTK, we can assist you and provide you with the tools needed to take on the responsibility as a conservator. We can also help you prepare for instances that you become disabled and assist you with creating an effective power of attorney so that the court does not get a say in who takes care of you.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney is used to appoint an agent: someone who makes important decisions for you. Whether you want them to step in when you become incapacitated or to make your financial decisions, there are different powers of attorney that you can set up. You have the option of creating a general, durable, limited, medical, and springing power of attorney. By establishing a durable power of attorney that becomes effective if you become disabled, the court no longer has the option of appointing a conservator for you.

Probate Avoidance

Since probate can be a long and costly process, sometimes our clients want to take steps to help their families avoid probate proceedings when they die. Between the revocable living trust and a variety of other tools, one can reduce their probate assets or avoid probate entirely if that is the ultimate goal.

Estate Taxes

When you pass away, estate taxes are placed on the transfer of your property to the beneficiaries. These taxes can be a heavy burden on your estate and on your family members. By discussing your case with a estate planning lawyer, you can learn more about minimizing taxes placed on your property and increasing the amount of money passed down to your loved ones. Strategically planning against estate taxes can help you feel more at ease in knowing you took the necessary precautions for your loved ones.

Discuss your probate and estate planning concerns with a Harrison County lawyer!

When it comes to handling various probate and estate planning matters, it can be a rather overwhelming and stressful situation. Speaking with experienced legal counsel can help you understand your options and begin to feel comfortable with making important legal decisions. Our Harrison County attorneys are committed to providing you with the family-centered representation you deserve to effectively begin your case. We can help you devise the best course of action, prepare essential estate planning documents, plan for the distribution of your estate, and protect you and your family throughout the process.

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